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About the Event

Who should attend this workshop?

If you have created a Kakitangan account, this will be a good session for you to get hands on

Why should you attend?

To understand how to perform setup on your account, fill in the required information, import previous payroll data to fully digitalize your Payroll & HR operation

What can you expect of this workshop?

You can learn how to change company settings, payroll settings, leave settings etc. Then you would be able to run your first payroll, do expense claims or even apply & approve leave

Who will be conducting the workshop?

Mr Nizam, an experienced HR expert that mostly lurks behind the scenes: Who has been actually advising and maintaining peace for almost 3,000 companies that Kakitangan.com handles.

He is also the head of Onboarding team, and has been with Kakitangan.com since the very beginning, and he will share all his knowledge of Kakitangan.com system to you. 

With his humble and helpful character and his clear and easy way of teaching, he has now grown to give professional HR advise to national and international companies which employs anywhere from 5 to 500 people per company.

Facing problems on Payroll & HR Operations?

Group 14
Unsure about payroll regulatory compliance?
Group 15
Is my data safe when stored in local PC/Server?
Group 16
Having headache of tracking leaves & claims?
Group 17
How to track staff attendance when I am not around?
cloud computing

Kakitangan.com is the leading Malaysian Cloud Payroll & HR
Software provider for SMEs.

  • Processed Payroll of over RM4 bil since inception 
  • 60,000 active employees using it with more than 5,000 leave applications every day
  • Supported by 16 banks & integration with multiple accounting systems
  • Cloud based solution & PDPA Audited by BDO

E Payroll

Comprehensive payroll processing software


E Leave

The intersection of HR and Information Technology


E Claim

A paperless and digital claim system for all


E Attendance

Hadir, Kakitangan's robust and reliable E attendance system


HR Premium

The intersection of HR and Information Technology


HR Sifu

Flourish your business by understanding HR

Event Date 

25 April 2024, 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Workshop Agenda


Getting started

Settings for each module

Company Settings
Leave Settings
Payroll Settings
Claims Settings
Attendance Settings

Add employee to the system

Leave Module

Applying Leave
Approving Leave



Payroll Module

Monthly Process
Bank Process
Statutory Payment Process

Yearly Process
E Data Praisi

E forms (CP8d)
EA Forms

Claims Module

Claim Process
Bank Process

Attendance Module

Clock in/clock out


Our customers love Kakitangan.com !


Mask Group-2

"My experience having used Kakitangan for 3 years? 3 things: User-friendly with fast and reliable results, no more messy spreadsheets and no more expensive EA/E Form agents."

Beh Lee Yen

Mask Group (17)

"It is actually simple, quick and super easy. I am now reaping the goodness of this app, definitely!"

Jason Ng
Advanced Real Time Systems
Mask Group-1

"3 years and still going strong! Kakitangan just makes things far more convenient when it comes to keeping tabs on payroll, leave applications, and claims."

Dr Lok Lay Hong
Malaysian Institute of Arts